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The Ins and Outs of Carpet Cleaning

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Do you have carpet that's looking worn-out, dull, and dingy? Do you want fresh-smelling, stain-free, clean carpets? Then you want carpet cleaning!

Carpet cleaning is important for maintaining the quality of your carpet and the appearance of your home. With everyday wear and tear from feet, shoes, kids, pets, and more, your carpets need a little TLC every now and then! Professional carpet cleaning removes dirt from deep within the fibers of your carpeting where it can be difficult for even the best vacuum cleaner to reach. It also gets rid of stains caused by spills or other accidents in your home leaving them refreshed and ready for all the hard-wearing abuse that your family life can throw at it.

Baby and dog laying on the carpet floor.

Types of carpet cleaning

Dry carpet cleaners:

Dry carpet cleaners are ideal for home use as they are portable and easy to use. They use either baking soda or detergent mixed with water to dissolve the grease or oil on the surface of the carpet. Once the carpet has been properly coated, a vacuum is used to clean it up. The only problem with dry cleaners is that they do not clean deep down into the fibers of your carpet which may lead to resoiling over time or leaving stains still visible.

Wet carpet cleaners:

Wet carpet cleaners do a better job than their dry counterparts because they penetrate deep down into the fibers of your carpet and remove dirt from there as well. They come in two types – hot water extraction (HWE) machines that use hot water and high-pressure suction to clean carpets and cold water extraction (CWE) machines which use cold water.

Is professional carpet cleaning safe?

Yes! Carpet cleaners use special solutions that are safe for your family members and pets because they do not contain harsh chemicals that could irritate sensitive skin, eyesight, or breathing problems for people with asthma or allergies. If you have a family member with a certain condition, reach out to your professional carpet cleaners to determine what your options are.

The solution is also safe for your carpets because it will not diminish or alter the color of your carpet. It will only restore the color of your carpet that has become faded over time due to sunlight exposure.

How often should I have my carpets cleaned?

You should have your carpets professionally cleaned twice a year, with the high-traffic areas in your home receiving extra attention. With professional carpet cleaners on the job, you can bring your sad and stained carpets back to life.

In conclusion, if you are still concerned about having your carpets professionally cleaned, reach out to your local cleaner to ask questions. They will be happy to help you and walk you through the process, including the method of carpet cleaning they use and how they conduct their pricing.

Once your carpets are cleaned, you will be happy to have fresh, sanitized floors that are free from strong odors and visible stains. What are you waiting for? Contact us today!

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